A Radical New Way To Set (and Accomplish) All Your Goals


Do you want a radical new way to set (and accomplish) all your goals in the new year?

One that doesn’t involve day planners, sacrifice or deprivation?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re in the middle the first month of 2013 and I’m knee deep in planning how this year is going to go down.


While most people set goals based on the amount of money they want to make or how much weight they want to lose, I’m going about it a little differently.

I’m starting with the experience I want to have, not the things I want to do.  (Or as Vishen Lakhiani would say, “the end not the mean“).

And yes, I’m setting financial goals for my business as well as other things in my life but I’m not being driven by them.  Whoa… that’s a radical thought.  It’s a bit scary and a lot refreshing at the same time!


Instead, I’m focusing on how I want to feel this year.  How I want to live.

I’ve chosen three words to guide me this year in all areas of my life.

They are: Grace, Peace and Love.

I want everything I do this year to be filled with one or all of those things or I’m choosing not to do it.


YOU can do this too. I fact, I HIGHLY encourage it.

Instead of setting a goal for losing 60 pounds, set a goal for how you want to feel every day while doing it.  Then make that FEELING your focus!

If the numbers on the scale are getting smaller but you’re starving or unhappy with the food you “have” to eat, then that’s not cool.  It doesn’t properly feed your soul and that’s just as important if not MORE important than properly feeding your body.

Are you REALLY going to be able to maintain weight loss using this technique?  Yes, you might be smaller but are you happier?  If not, do things differently.

There are foods you can eat that burn fat and boost weight loss and taste amazing (if you don’t know what they are, check out my free Look and Feel Great Naked Kit or pick up a copy of my new book, The Hungry Hottie Cookbook).

There are jobs you can do that will light your fire and bring in income.


You don’t have to settle.  You do have to live life full out.

Start with how you want to feel.

Grace, peace and love,

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Let’s make magic happen in the comments! Please share  the top three words that describe how YOU want to FEEL this year!


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